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Is Tilt-Up Concrete Construction a viable option?

Four components. One data-driven result.

We’ve learned that the best way to have a truly integrated design process and a seamless integration of all building aspects is to bring as much scope as possible in-house, and to supplement with trustworthy, collaborative, and talented design & construction partnerships. This enables Wesex to have a greater command of the job and ensure the client’s expectations are met or exceeded.

Meet the four components of Wesex Corporation that make up our unique business model.

Wesex Construction


We are a self-performing design builder, specializing in insulated composite concrete tilt-up, flatwork, and other concrete specialties such as complex foundations poured walls, and architectural specialties such as polishing, intricate pre-cast components and custom concrete countertops. We are capable of jumping in on any aspect of the job that needs additional attention.  We also provide Construction Management services and traditional General Construction design-bid-build projects where our self-perform capabilities & BIM workflows set us apart. Our highly skilled and specially trained team provides sub-contract services for our specialty work.


The traditional and naturally adversarial relationship between “contractors” and “architects” Is created due to the lack of singular accountability and risk transfer. Wesex has brought Architectural design services in-house to not only eliminate this contentious dynamic but also to ensure that the client gets complete alignment between design and construction. Our staff of Architects spends a great deal of time in the field learning construction methods, and an even greater amount of time working hand-in-hand with our subcontractors, crafts, and CMs to develop cost-effective construction methods and enable true value engineering, which reduces costs, improves schedule and preserves design & quality.

Recently, a public utility company changed their design policy which created a $400,000 scope change that surfaced 30 days before substantial completion on a tight schedule with a labor shortage. That problem created an awesome opportunity for our BIM specialists, project engineers, field staff and subcontractors field staff to solve. With the utilization of our BIM processes, Wesex performed complete system modeling, clash detection, off-site fabrication drawings and detailed field instructions which resulted in a $15,000 cost that we absorbed. We turned a looming $400,000 mechanical change order into $15,000 no-charge line item.


Clients today are more intimately involved in the design & construction process than ever before, with more knowledge of the process they require a higher level of transparency and earlier, more in-depth team collaboration to allow them to make educated & informs decisions at the start. This is a requirement that many teams in an archaic AEC industry struggle with, as intricacies between design, client goals, and budget are frequently not uncovered until the beginning of the construction phase.

Wesex is committed to research & development, custom workflow creation, and the implementation of the best software and workflows. Our in-house Business Solutions Analyst works with our Architects + Constructors to create custom integrated software solutions that supplement limitations we may have within our design, scheduling, estimating, and reporting software.  Custom app integrations, Revit add-ins, and computer programming to tie all of our various software together create true integration across all business functions within the company.

We utilize Revit, not just as a drafting/authoring tool, but as a design & analysis resource, a means to optimize pre-fabricated construction, a schedule accelerator, a real-time cost estimation tool, a virtual field engineer, and a virtual reality visualization environment for our clients. Our digital data vaults in the field ensure that the Field Superintendent and everyone collaborating under his care has direct and immediate access to the latest design revisions. This tool has also proven invaluable as a way to enable those in the field to visualize the project holistically in three dimensions – knowing precisely where their work needs to go to eliminate a potential clash with another trade.

Real Estate Solutions

We have an unsurpassed track record of providing unconventional results to combat unforeseen site problems that plague our clients every day. The Wesex approach to these problems includes creative financing assistance, radical site design strategies and local entitlement management where getting to “YES” is the only option. We are not Real Estate Developers. We provide a holistic, analytical and technically driven partnership with the best-in-class Development and Brokerage firms.

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