Betters Warehouse

The Challenge

This building was a unique situation – the owner needed a complete turnkey facility within 6 months of giving us the go-ahead. This included the design/permitting phase, which essentially forced the ultimate fast-track solution – often designing details in tandem with construction. (We’re talking sketch up a change the morning, have it built in the evening).

The entire job was sequenced seamlessly with a clear critical path – the timing of every pour and every trade carefully managed to ensure no hold-ups and shorten the duration nearly to the breaking point. We worked day and night shifts, and our design & construction team co-located nearly 24 hr hours a day on-site to stay a day ahead of any issues that arose before they were able to cause a delay. The client even threw us a few curve balls – but hey, we love a good challenge.


The Solution

Located on a 75-acre parcel along the Ohio River in Aliquippa, PA, this 200,000 square foot warehouse and distribution facility was constructed for Betters Real Estate Holdings, LLP. As the Design-Builder for the project, Wesex oversaw all disciplines for design and construction throughout the project.

The building is currently set up for a single tenant within the building; however, the overall design is prepared to accommodate anywhere from a single tenant to up to four separate tenants. Also included within the building is a climate controlled secure storage space measuring 20,000 square feet, and a 2,000 square foot office component.


Year Completed

Total Cost ($Million)

Months to Complete

Amazing Result

BIM Highlights


Start to Finish

This was the first job our Chief Design Officer (at another firm at the time) and Chief Construction Officer did together from start to finish and fully in BIM.


Birthplace of Integration

We often cite the Betters Job Trailer as the birthplace of our fully integrated BIM model.


Sub-Contractor Buy-In

Some of our key subs embraced our Revit models and started relying on them for field layout, quantification, and clarity. This enabled answers to get to the field rapidly – often via iPad.

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